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What is dry cleaning

Dry cleaning is laundering sensitive garments in petroleum or chlorine-based solvents and finishing them with specialized steam presses.

Is dry cleaning solvent harmful to me, my clothing, or the environment?

Many dry cleaners use Perchloroethylene, or Perc, as their main dry cleaning solvent. Exposure does not harm clothing, but scientific evidence increasingly links it to cancer. The State of Washington now requires special handling and disposal for all waste, filters, barrels, and water contaminated with Perc. Wet cleaning services get around the problem by substituting water in a computerized process that handles fine garments without the environmental risk.

Does dry cleaning shrink clothes?

No – modern dry cleaning machines are specialized with temperature control and minimal agitation to prevent shrinkage.

Does dry cleaning shorten the life of a garment?

No – in fact, dry cleaning can extend the life of a garment by removing unwanted grime and dirt that can wear out clothes.

What does dry cleaning do that home laundering doesn’t?

Unlike home laundering, dry cleaning treats “dry clean only” garments whose interior parts (such as pleats, collars, cuffs, and plackets) need special care. Finishing with steam presses instead of hot irons is key to preserving these garments.

Why do spots sometimes appear after dry cleaning when they weren’t visible before?

Some spots start out invisible on patterned fabric or bleached white garments and darken after cleaning, especially fat-based stains. With wet cleaning, we address the stain before this happens.

What is the best way to remove stains?

You can remove most stains at home with water and dish soap. Failing that, dry cleaners target spots with different solutions based on whether the soil is water-soluble.

Which fabrics are recommended for dry cleaning?

All kinds of fabrics can be dry cleaned, but complex types labeled “dry clean only” especially benefit from finishing.

How soon can I have my garments back?

We ask for at least two days to clean and press your garments, however we can process them faster if requested. If you bring your garments in by 10 am , they can be ready by 5 pm. If you bring your garments in after that, your garments can be ready the next production day by 5pm (there is no production. Some items such as wedding gowns and comforters take longer.

Do you charge a delivery fee on your dry cleaning delivery service?

No! We charge the same price in all of our stores and on our home pick-up and delivery service. We do not charge a pick-up or delivery fee of any kind.

How long does it take for curtain cleaning service?

Processing Speed for Curtains is 3 working days.

How long does it takes for my carpet to be cleaned and delivered?

Our standard turnaround time for carpet to be cleaned and delivered is 4 days.

Is sofa Drycleaning Service Available?

Yes, Sofa Drycleaning Service available at your home at reasonable price.